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The Unified Trust Financial Resource Center gives you access to the tools you need to organize your financial life. You will find quick-read articles, comprehensive planning guides, interactive financial tools, animated presentations and much more! The Unified Trust Financial Resource Center provides a single source of financial information for all age groups.

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Fiduciary Investment Advisor, Billy Lanter, discusses some limitations to the "Mega Backdoor Roth" and describes which type of taxpayer might be best suited to take advantage of this strategy.

President Trump's tax reform may have fattened paychecks, but many taxpayers may be shocked by inadequate withholdings at filing time. Karen McIntyre, Fiduciary Investment Advisor, highlights some of the new challenges high net worth individuals might face when filing taxes this year.


In the Unified Trust Library you will find a collection of white papers and articles on a variety of financial issues relevant to today's investor.


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