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Managing a foundation or endowment is an important yet challenging endeavor. It requires a balance of short and long term planning, daily operations and active investment oversight. To add greater complexity, all of the above must be done in a fiduciary compliant manner. No easy task, but that’s where hiring a fiduciary like Unified Trust can help. We have extensive knowledge of the issues facing nonprofit organizations today, as well as the critical importance of establishing effective procedures and prudent policies for investment management.


Your mission is our mission

At Unified Trust being a fiduciary is the very cornerstone of our foundation. What that means for your institution is that you will always receive the highest standard of care in the industry. It means you can count on us to put your organization first by always doing what’s in your best interest. We are here to help you on the journey to achieve your mission.

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Prudent Investment Process

Investment portfolios may change over time, but our core philosophies will always be present.

As a discretionary trustee, Unified Trust has a duty to be loyal and to always act in the best interest of the participants. For this reason, we’re fee-based and take a no-conflict-of-interest approach. We’re bound by revenue neutrality, which means that we cannot make any more or less money based on which investments are chosen.

  • Allocating your institution’s assets across many investment categories allows your organization to participate in a variety of areas – stocks, bonds and cash investments – within the global economy. This helps to spread risk and avoid being overly concentrated in one segment of the market.

  • We believe asset quality matters. We carefully screen investments on the basis of long-term performance, manager tenure, adherence to stated objectives and other factors which tend to drive outstanding results. Selecting investments with better historic track records can help the portfolio weather the ups and downs of the market.

  • Keeping costs under control can have a positive impact on long-term performance. We look for investment companies that work to keep expense ratios, management fees and other costs to a minimum, and investments with low turnover rates, stable management and other factors that serve your interests. After all, the lower the costs, the more return your organization retains to help achieve its mission.

  • We work with your institution to understand its risk tolerance and risk capacity as it relates to achieving short-term and long-term spending goals. Through our managerial oversight and disciplined investment review process, we help keep the portfolio on track during turbulent times.

  • Like any prudent decision, we take a balanced approach to selecting investments for our clients. Our investment process begins with a quantitative analysis using our Unified Fiduciary Monitoring Index (UFMI). This scoring system provides an evaluation of each investment relative to its peers.


Trust Investment Committee

At many other investment firms, each advisor has their own investment philosophy. This can lead to inconsistent and less-than-desirable outcomes for institutions. At Unified Trust, we believe eight minds are better than one. Therefore, all investment strategies are established and overseen by our Trust Investment committee.

This committee is comprised of senior leaders and highly credentialed investment professionals across the company. The committee is responsible for evaluating macroeconomic factors and market conditions that influence our strategic investment decisions. You can rest easy knowing your institution's portfolio is being managed by experts according to prudent investment standards.

Supporting you is what we do.

We are with you every step of the way on the journey to achieve your mission.

Fiduciary Best Practices

A process focused entirely on helping your mission achieve its goals.

Unified Trust uses the Global Standards and the Global Fiduciary Practices as the foundation for helping clients achieve their financial goals in a fiduciary compliant manner. Our fiduciary best practices includes a four-step process that we follow to provide clients with the highest level of fiduciary oversight.

  • Unified Trust first works with you to understand your institution's short-term and long-term investment goals. From there, our team of experts organize the investment approach, while identifying and documenting the responsibilities of all parties.

  • Next, we formalize the process through creation of a detailed Investment Policy Statement (IPS). Organizations such as yours often face the trade-off between the competing goals of supporting short-term operations and preserving long-term assets. Therefore, economic issues such as interest rates and inflation are important to consider. The IPS is customized to the unique needs of your organization and will set the criteria for the prudent selection and retention of investments.

  • The investment approach is then implemented in accordance with the IPS, its stated risk level and diversification parameters, including consistency with the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA).

  • The final step is the prudent and continuous monitoring of the portfolio and its investments. To assist your organization in being prudent in monitoring us, we provide a quarterly Unified Fiduciary Monitoring Report.

Rather than slog away in stressful, high pressure careers well into their 60s, many younger employees are checking out early once they have amassed a comfortable nest egg, then living frugally – extremely frugally in some cases – off annual investment earnings.

Social Security will be there for us, perhaps in a different form or amount, but there. The real question for the retirement plan community is how to use it with pre-retirees in the accumulation and planning phases of their life.

Just like in football, there are no shortage of predictions every year about the stock market. Trying to predict a short-term outcome has historically proven to be extremely difficult.

I was recently talking with a good friend and mentor of mine about family and parenting. My friend has four children who are all very mature, responsible and hard working. I look at his kids and think he’s figured out the secret to parenting…..and I want to know what it is!

Just as LeBron is weighing his future options, investors are also trying to digest all of the recent economic data and geopolitical events to determine the future for financial markets.

The Roth IRA has been around for about two decades now and if you are closing in on your retirement date then it may be time to rediscover its benefits. I shared some thoughts on Roth IRA planning with reporter Rebecca Lake for an article in US News & World Report.

“Patrick, my daughter just graduated and is starting her new job. Can you help her with her 401(k) plan selections? Maybe give her some tips on budgeting, too?”

Recently I spoke with Andrea Coombes, a writer for, about retirement investing. NerdWallet provides online tools and advice to help people make better financial decisions.

I was recently interviewed by a reporter from wanting my take on the growing number of retailers looking to enter the financial services industry.

Inflation is a hot topic of late. After several years of extraordinarily low inflation rates, wages appear to be increasing and prices of consumer goods are inching higher.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with a reporter from CNN Money on the often debated topic about what comes first; paying down debt or adding to your savings nest egg. It’s a bit of the ‘chicken vs. the egg’ conundrum.

A recent MarketWatch article reporting that individuals are frequently posting details about their 401(k) balances on social media platforms, in a gloating manner nonetheless.

Imagine hanging out in Las Vegas playing your favorite casino game. Perhaps you are sitting at the hold’em table and the dealer flips the river card that gives you the win.

For most of the financial services world, it has been clear for some time that humans are irrational and act in ways that are not conducive to their own financial wellbeing.

Retirement success is one of the greatest benefits an employer can provide an employee, but we know it doesn’t come without challenges. Our goal is to make it easy..

There is a common phrase in the world of finance that ‘you can’t eat risk-adjusted returns’. Most people understand investment returns—making or losing money. Few people understand standard deviation, volatility, and risk-adjusted returns.

Like many thrill-seeking activities, the rush of shooting the rapids unleashes a full panel of “happy chemicals” which heightens our senses and keeps us coming back for more.

Did you grow up in small community, a close-knit town or (if you can remember it) before the internet was a factor? Back then a word and a handshake were stronger than any contract or service agreement.

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