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While you may already be familiar with Unified Trust’s retirement plan platform, you may not be aware that we also offer a breadth of wealth management and financial planning services. From investment management to retirement income solutions our team of experts are here to assist you, the advisor, in delivering customized financial solutions to your individual investors. Our role as a fiduciary and discretionary trustee carries over to our Wealth Management services as well, so you can rest assured that we are always acting in your client’s best interest.


Your clients have worked hard to get to retirement; with the Unified IncomePlan you can help them get the most out of it.

Whether your clients want to travel the world or stay close to home, retirement should be exactly what they want it to be. Yet today's modern retirees face many challenges including inflation, increased healthcare costs and longer life expectancies. The Unified IncomePlan addresses the retirement challenges — it anticipates lifestyle changes as your clients age and professionally manages the assets to help provide your clients with a reliable and sustainable income stream throughout their retirement.


We believe a history of success is an indicator of favorable outcomes in the future.

At Unified Trust we understand the importance of investments that provide investors with a growing stream of income over time, while offering the peace of mind of knowing that you are investing in companies with a history of success. The Dividend Growth Portfolio consists of companies that have a meaningful, sustainable, competitive advantage. These companies have consistently grown their dividends over the years and have been excellent stewards of capital. Through rising dividends and potential capital appreciation, a high return on initial investment can be sought by investing in companies whose definable intrinsic values should continue to grow over time.


We take a personal approach to help your nonprofit clients meet their investment goals while minimizing risk.

As you know managing a foundation or endowment for a client is an important, yet challenging endeavor. It requires a balance of short-term and long-term planning, daily operations and active investment oversight. To add greater complexity, all of the above must be done in a fiduciary compliant manner. No easy task, but that’s where hiring a fiduciary like Unified Trust can help. We have extensive knowledge of the financial and administrative issues facing nonprofit organizations today, as well as the critical importance of establishing effective procedures and prudent policies for investment management.


Unified Trust is equipped to help your nonprofit achieve greater success in the community.

As a Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) certified organization, Unified Trust can also help your nonprofit board earn a designation as a CEFEX Steward. Through a certification process, the organization and its board can become certified for fiduciary excellence and oversight. The result is a positive impact on donor solicitation and representation as a philanthropic organization.

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