Planning - Begin with a Focus on the End

As we said goodbye to the end of summer and welcomed in the cooler autumn weather, those who love sports enjoying Friday Night Lights!  A term that refers to the beaming flood lights that illuminate football fields across the country, especially on Fridays.  High school coaches from the east to the west will tell you about the time spent in the weight room, on the field and watching film.  They will tell you about the play books that have been studied and the players that have been conditioned. 
Coaches will tell you about all the planning they have implemented for the season, with a singular focus.  They will tell you that every practice, every meeting, every strategy session, and every game has been designed to move the team closer to the end of the season with one goal – winning the state title game!
Football coaches understand that planning to become state champions starts months before the 4th quarter of the final game.  Similarly, financial planners understand the importance of clients planning with a focus on their end.
Whether your goal is a comfortable retirement, paying for your child’s wedding, covering the cost of college, or purchasing a vacation home, it is necessary for clients to understand their ultimate goal.  It is also necessary that clients explain, in great detail, their desires.
A financial plan is an evolving document that adjusts as your situation changes and, according to the CFP Board, it’s the foundation on which to build, understand and achieve your goals.  However, according to Gallup, only 1 in 3 people use some sort of long-term financial plan that involves thinking about savings and investments for the future. 
Research suggests that those working with professional financial planners are more likely to make sound financial decisions than those without guidance.  A recent study by David M. Blanchett, Ph. D., CFA, CFP®, using the six most recent rounds of the Federal Reserve Board’s Survey of Consumer Finances, reveals that, “households working with a financial planner were found to be making the best overall financial decisions, followed by those using transactional advisers (bankers and brokers).”  These groups were followed by those consulting friends and finally, those using the internet.
The study focused on the inclusive nature of the advice given, stating that “advisors providing more holistic services were called financial planners and, on average, led to a clearer planning process – and better outcomes.” 
Constructing a financial plan leads to client confidence and a more secure future.  This is important because Unified Trust has a proven record of successfully planning, investing assets, and crafting personalized client solutions.
When the final buzzer sounds in the 4th quarter of the football championship game, only one team will be guilty of having adequately prepared with a focus on the end.  Fortunately, unlike football, with proper planning, all clients can occupy the winner’s circle.
The team of investment advisors at Unified Trust are ready to assist you, by keeping you focused on the end.
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