We Are Your Family Fiduciary

My phone rings.  A client calls with an increasingly common request.  I can’t help but smile.

“Patrick, my daughter just graduated and is starting her new job.  Can you help her with her 401(k) plan selections?  Maybe give her some tips on budgeting, too?”

Happy to help.  Always.

As Fiduciary Investment Advisors at Unified Trust my colleagues and I serve our direct clients – those with accounts and assets under management here – but we naturally extend our services beyond the nucleus, to the rest of the family as well.  That’s why I say we are your family fiduciary.

Our clients tell us they have peace of mind knowing that we have helped them AND their extended family manage their financial matters for long-term security.  I’ve said it before and it bears repeating, the relationship we share with our clients is a two-way street.  You benefit from our advice, and we get a lot of personal satisfaction from seeing you … and your family … succeed.

I asked my fellow advisors for examples where we’ve served a client’s extended family.  Common situations include:

  • Helping a client’s son or daughter with budgeting, 401(k) plan matters or to evaluate an investment.
  • Assisting a client and siblings with the distribution of an estate.
  • Referring a family member to a lender, an insurer, an accountant or an attorney for specific services.
  • Helping a client’s parent with legacy planning.
  • Holding family meetings to discuss market and economic conditions, charitable giving strategies and other topics of interest.

A trusted advisor is one who cares about you and those around you.  We know family dynamics can get a bit complicated when it comes to money.  You can lean on us.  We can help the inexperienced gain knowledge, the uninformed gain wisdom, and the nervous gain comfort.  It’s what a fiduciary with a family mindset does.  Give us a call to find out more.

For more on this topic and financial literacy, check our podcast on SoundCloud. 

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