When Money Doesn't Matter

Pop Quiz: what three things do you value most in this world?  It shouldn’t take long as whatever comes to mind first is probably your truest answer.  Common responses often include family, faith, friends or similar references.  Now think of the happiest moments in your life.  What memories bring a smile to your face and joy in your heart?  Finally, ask yourself this – was money a response to either question?

Through the years as a financial advisor, I’ve had the privilege of celebrating events in my clients’ lives.  Retirement parties as a new chapter in life unfolds; the wedding of a child that grew up too quick; or perhaps the birth of grandchildren as the next generation begins.  These are wonderful times and some may even be on your list of “happiest moments.”  However, not all moments bring such joy.  I’ve  been with clients through extremely challenging times.  The difficulty in caring for aging parents; the loneliness of losing a spouse; and even the numbing pain of a young life gone too soon.  What I can tell you is that in our happiest moments and our hardest seasons, one theme rings true – money doesn’t matter.

When we face events in our life that remind us of what’s truly important, what we value most – money probably won’t have a seat at the table.  You see, no client has ever called to let me know of a tragedy while at the same time asking about investment performance nor have I heard the exciting tales of a bucket-list retirement trip while discussing market outlook.

Does money matter?  Of course, but my recommendation is this: experience joys to the fullest and let grief take its course when hard times come.  Let a financial advisor take care of your money because in those moments, when you’re reminded of what you value most – your money won’t matter to you, but it will always matter to a true fiduciary.  There is significant value in knowing that when you partner with a fiduciary like Unified Trust, you can rest assured that we always have your best interest in mind and are adhering to the highest standard of care in managing your portfolio.  You have access to financial planners that walk with you through some of life’s big decisions.  Know that this isn’t a “sales pitch,” it’s a plea.  Live your life and focus on what you value most and you’ll never regret it.

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