The UnifiedPlan®

A Snapshot of Success

  • Before
    65 %
    Participant Outcomes
  • Before
    87 %
    Acceptance Rate
  • After
    100 %
    Plan Improvement

The UnifiedPlan®

Retirement Success: The Statistic That Truly Matters

What is the ultimate goal of a retirement plan? At Unified Trust, we believe it's helping participants reach retirement with enough money to last them the rest of their lives. Many talk about retirement success, but few can or will quantify it. We have a record of time-tested solutions for helping people reach retirement success, and we have the results to show for it! These aren't just percentages and statistics; they are actual people. Percentages mean nothing, people mean everything.

Kasten, G. “The UnifiedPlan® Dramatically Increases Retirement Success”, 2019, © Unified Trust Company

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